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Essential Manual Handling Equipment List For Your Workplace

Manual handling and lifting are responsible for over a third of all workplace injuries, according to the latest information from HSE. This makes investing in good quality manual handling equipment an essential item on the to-do list of any workplace. At PARRS, we really know our stuff when it comes to manual handling, so our team of experts has put together the ultimate manual handling equipment list to help you invest in the right products for your needs.

Manual Handling Equipment List

Whether you operate an office, warehouse or shipping environment, take a look through our equipment list and make sure you have everything you need to ensure proper health and safety compliance in your workplace.

Table of contents

To find out more about each type of equipment, including their uses and the workplaces they are suitable for click below: 

  1. Sack Trucks 
  2. Pallet Trucks
  3. Mobile Scissor Lift Tables 
  4. Stackers 
  5. Suction Lifters

Key Takeaways

EquipmentWhat is it used for?
Sack TrucksMoving boxes, furniture or goods
Pallet TrucksMoving wooden and plastic pallets
Mobile Scissor Lift TablesProduction lines, workshops and shipping
StackersWarehouses, loading and unloading from shelving
Suction LiftersLifting and moving sheet materials

Sack Trucks

two sack trucks next to one another. Sack trucks for a manual handling equipment list.

Top of our manual handling equipment list is sack trucks; one of the most common and popular manual handling tools found in most workplaces. These handy trucks come in all shapes and sizes from standard lightweight and convertible sack trucks to stair climbers and heavy-duty designs. 

Each type serves a different purpose, and your choice of truck will depend on the tasks your workplace demands. 

Office sack trucks

For offices, a lightweight truck will most likely suffice for general tasks, as you may only need to lift and transport relatively light items including archive boxes, small office equipment and cleaning supplies. 

A stair climber sack truck would also be an essential investment for office buildings without lifts or for home-delivery companies. They make light work of transporting heavy items up and down flights of stairs – an otherwise high-risk task that could cause serious injury in the workplace. 

At the other end of the scale, a shipping warehouse would need to invest in a heavy-duty sack truck model, as staff are more likely to be transporting much heavier items such as white goods and boxed furniture. It’s all about finding the right sack truck to suit the specific needs of your workplace. Use our guide to choosing a sack truck to help you identify the right design. Or, if you need something a little more basic, platform trucks provide a large, low surface for the easy transportation of bulky items, while dollies and furniture skates make ideal tools for removals, office furniture reshuffles and music venues.

Pallet Trucks

a black and yellow pallet truck for your manual handling equipment list

Essential for: Moving wooden and plastic pallets

Next on our essential manual handling equipment list is the pallet truck. If your company regularly receives deliveries of products on wooden or plastic pallets, a pallet truck is an absolute must-have for safely receiving and manoeuvring the pallets – not to mention for speeding the whole process up. 

A more compact and more affordable option than automated forklifts, pallet trucks are the manual alternative that makes light work of lifting and moving product pallets from the delivery zone to their next destination. 

Pallet trucks come in several designs and formats to suit a range of needs. For example, some are purely designed to transport pallets, while others are designed with manual foot pumps or pneumatic scissor lifts to help lift and store pallets in warehouse or stacking environments. Shop the PARRS range of pallet trucks to find the perfect design for your needs.

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

a yellow scissor lift table with silver handle for a manual handling equipment list

Essential for: Production lines, workshops and shipping

Similar to pallet trucks with manual lifting capabilities, mobile lift tables are another key equipment investment for workplaces involving any kind of production line, packaging or shipping activities, as well as general manual handling. Mobile scissor lift tables are a key player on our moving and handling equipment list for those in warehouses. 

A mobile lift table is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can serve many different purposes. It’s obvious main function is the lifting and moving of large, bulky items such as pallets and white goods, which can be done using manual or electric power depending on the type of table you choose. However, these tables can also be used as adjustable work surfaces in busy workshops, or for speeding up any production line or packing tasks by quickly transporting items between workstations.

What’s more, the scissor lift format means these tables are capable of lifting very heavy loads of up to 500kg in some models, meaning your workplace can make easy work of otherwise very dangerous lifting tasks.Shop our range of mobile scissor lift tables here at PARRS for reliable, heavy-duty lifting.


an orange pallet stacker machine for a manual handling equipment list.

Essential for: Warehouses, loading and unloading from shelving

Lifting and stacking products on shelving can be highly strenuous on the back, arms and shoulders. For workplaces where this is a regular requirement, such as warehouses and large retail environments, stacking equipment is, therefore, an essential investment for the health and safety interests of staff as well as the speed and efficiency of the company.

A stacker looks fairly similar to a pallet truck, though it also features a hydraulic or manual lifting function which allows the operator to load, lift and offload heavy items onto high, difficult-to-reach shelving levels. If your workplace regularly needs to unload heavy deliveries, store and stack heavy items on shelving or move items from storage to transport vehicles, stackers will provide invaluable assistance. Shop our full range of pallet stackers at PARRS and choose between manual and automated stacking designs to suit your needs.

Suction Lifters

a blue suction lifter with four suction cups with a central handle for a manual handling equipment list

Essential for: Lifting and moving sheet materials e.g. glass, marble, steel

Sheet materials such as glass, plastic, metal and marble can be very tricky to manoeuvre due to their typically oversized dimensions and weight. Their size alone makes them impossible to move using pallet trucks or dollies, and fragility often also comes into play where glass panes are involved. This is why suction lifters have made it onto our manual handling equipment list, as they form an efficient and affordable solution to this otherwise tricky manual handling task. 

Available in plastic or extra-strength aluminium designs, suction lifters form a super-strong vacuum to facilitate the safe, secure lifting of heavy, smooth-surfaced items such as plate glass and marble. Depending on the model and design you choose, suction lifters can help users lift loads up to 75kg.

Shop our range of suction lifters at PARRS to find the design and lift capacity to suit your requirements.That’s it for our main manual handling equipment list, though there are many more cleverly-designed tools and gadgets out there to help you with your day-to-day workplace needs. Explore our full manual handling and lifting equipment range to find the perfect assistive tools for your specific applications.

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