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Why we selected the Travel-Joy brand

Why Parrs selected the Travel-Joy brand when there are so many other trucks on the market that look the same, do the same job and are cheaper? While it is never my intention to be uncompetitive on price, I…

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PARRS Kick Step Stool

Despite having thousands of products available on our e-commerce site, there is one, in particular, that is very close to my heart. The Parrs kick step. This step, affectionately known in the retail industry as a Dalek, represents Parrs’…

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A Buyer’s Guide to Sack Trucks

Sack trucks (also known as hand trucks or sack barrows) are a sound investment for any workspace where manual handling tasks are carried out. But which type of sack truck should you choose?  There are many types, styles and…

Fire Exit Sign in the Workplace
Fire Safety

8 Office Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety in the office is a crucial aspect of risk management, and ensuring that you have the correct precautions in place in the work environment should be taken seriously. At PARRS, we help businesses ensure that they have…

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135 years of Parrs

In 1886, Francis Parrs set up business as a wheelwright in the heart of Birmingham. It was and still is, a very skilled profession. Soon the market traders were coming to Francis for new wheels for their porter’s trucks,…

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Cycle Storage Solutions

You’ve got the state-of-the-art bike, the aerodynamic helmet, the body-hugging lycra, and the king of the mountain attitude. It’s time to saddle up your carbon fibre pony and ride in to work! Cycling is, without a doubt, a major…

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Cargomaster Powered Stairclimber Sack Truck

Staircases are a pain in the backside if you are trying to transport anything heavy. It is one manual handling task which will have every Health and Safety officer rolling their eyes and reaching for the red pen. In…

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Why PARRS Kick Step is the best on the market

Often, the most essential products are the least interesting to read about online, and the least essential are the most interesting; For instance, most of us would prefer to browse pages about luxury yachts or exotic holiday destinations, and…

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Buy British

Buy British isn’t an emotional, jingoistic statement, these days its simple common sense. Parrs is a quintessentially British business. We are a family run company that has kicking been around for 135 years. We buy workplace products from around…

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Spotlight on DRABEST Steps & Ladders

Quality in ladder manufacture is one of the most important areas of Health and Safety legislation. When you are off the ground, you have to trust the equipment that supports you. This year, strict new European standards will bring…

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Guide to selecting Workplace Matting & Flooring

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of workplace matting options available: Entrance Matting 80% of dirt is brought into your working environment on foot.  Dirty and wet floors increase the chance of pedestrians slipping over.  Entrance Mats…

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Guide to Heaters

If you’re fed up with feeling cold indoors, then an electric heater could be the ideal solution to warm you up. Read this guide to find out more about buying heaters for your workplace. How much do you need…

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Safety Tips for preventing Winter Slips & Falls

It’s that time of season where slips & falls occur at an increasing number.  Slip and fall accidents increase during the Autumn and Winter season for a number of reasons: there is less daylight leaves fall onto paths and…