20% off Blue Seal Stepladders

I have been doing this job for around 25 years. In that time I have seen some significant changes in the things we sell, as manufacturers learn to make their products better over time. However there are some products that they get right first time. One case in point is the Blue Seal Stepladder. This instantly recognisable step has not changed since I joined PARRS in 1992; that is because there is nothing that needs changing. It is very lightweight for a Class 1 step, the hand grips are exactly... Read More


Get involved with the Great British Spring Clean!

When you see pictures of the Britain in the 1970’s and the winter of discontent, it is hugely encouraging to see how far we have come in keeping our wonderful country tidy and free of litter. Campaigns such as Keep Britain Tidy and the Great British Spring Clean have done an enormous amount to show us that when communities can work together to keep litter off our streets, everyone benefits. We, at PARRS, are proud to support this year’s Great British Spring Clean taking place between the 3rd and 5th... Read More


British Manufacturing at its best…introducing PARRS Furniture Skates

We believe that if you are serious about doing a good job, then your need to be serious about the equipment you use to do it. PARRS has always been the retailer to go to for the world’s best quality sack trucks such as EXPRESSO, RAVENDO and COSCO. Now we are able to say that we sell the best furniture dollies you can buy. And what’s more, they are hand-made here in the UK! As with so many handling products, the key to a great furniture skate lies in the castors. And... Read More


COSCO A manual handling brand that delivers!

Some good news from the United States. We introduced the COSCO aluminium multi-function hand truck to the UK three years ago.  And from day one it became a bestseller. It is not hard to see why. This US branded sack truck offers a multitude of options for the user; The 3-in-1 sack truck comes on either pneumatic or puncture proof wheels, it gives you the option to use it as a standard truck, or convert it to the tilt position to take the load off your hands, or maybe bring it... Read More


New Year, New Catalogue!

PARRS new catalogue is now out there, strutting its stuff in its shiny new cover and full of its fancy new products! Gone are the 2016 fashions, only to be replaced by the new kids on the block. I would not be seen dead browsing a 2016 PARRS catalogue when 2017 looks so alluring. Now seriously, I know that there hasn’t been an industrial equipment edition of Vogue yet, and there is unlikely to be one this year. So life would be a lot easier if you availed yourself of the... Read More


January is the month to pick up a bargain at PARRS!

This is the time of year when we brush ourselves down and look forward to the year ahead. PARRS clearance section is full of products that we have here in Redditch which need to move out of the way to make way for 2017 stock. Unlike some sales these products are genuinely discounted products that have been retailing for at least a year at the RRP. They are typical of PARRS quality and come with the same, outstanding 3 year guarantee that applies to all PARRS products. So pick up... Read More


It’s cold inside, get me a Heater!

Have you noticed that some of the your staff are sitting at their desks today in coats and gloves? Yes, the central heating does its job, but maybe you need more localised heaters. Here’s our guide to choosing the right Heater for your workplace:- Upright Fan Heaters Provide instant heat and warmth, especially if you are in the direct line of the fan.  Small in size so can be placed under desks and workstations to warm someone’s toes up!  They are very light to move around and take up next to no space to... Read More


Reasons to choose PARRS Roll-Step…

PARRS Roll-Step is a plastic kick-step stool used by Tesco, Asda, Halfords, Next and Superdrug. These organisations could buy a cheaper Chinese product which will probably do an OK job for them, so why do these cost-conscious organisations choose the PARRS Roll-Step over its cheaper competition? Well the main reasons are because they care about their staff and they don’t want product failures when the staff are working at height.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying the PARRS Roll-Step when buying your nest kick-step:- It will arrive next day,... Read More