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Guide to choosing the right Pallet Truck

If your workplace has a warehouse or factory it is a health and safety necessity to have the right equipment to move heavy loads. Pallet Trucks are the easiest, most economical method of doing this. Before you buy, consider these points to ensure you receive the best Pallet Truck for its use and for your money: Powered  v. Manual The obvious advantage to a Electric Pallet Truck is the ease of use and manoeuvring of the pallet truck oppose to a manual one, however the powered pallet trucks are more expensive.... Read More


Why you need PARRS Everyday Sack Truck…

We love our German EXPRESSO range, and our Danish RAVENDO range. We also think the American COSCO Sack Trucks are rather special too. But in an age of uncertainty isn’t it right that we should put British manufacturing at the centre of everything we do? And what better way to do that than introduce a product that completely reflects PARRS values of cutting-edge design, impeccable build quality and a price that makes sense. PARRS Everyday Sack Truck is a no-nonsense manual handling product that quite simply gets the job done. It is made from British... Read More


Innovation is a matter of principle for Hailo products…

and quality a matter of tradition. The red Hailo dot stands for the ultimate in quality and safety, something that PARRS customers rely on. When the PARRS Product Buyers select a product for our customers, we prioritise quality, safety and price; and Hailo products fit perfectly into this philosophy. We love the innovative design of Hailo steps and ladders and the attention to detail that is unparalleled in this style of product. Being German designed, the products are perfect in their simplicity and strength and all Hailo products are supplied with... Read More


Safety in the Workplace – Infographic!

It’s vital to keep up with any new developments when it comes to workplace safety. In our latest infographic, we’ve put together the facts you need to know as an employer. Make sure you don’t fall behind in keeping your workspace, safe. At Parrs, we’ve made it our business to provide companies with all of the equipment you need to ensure your employees are protected. Take a look at the full selection of workplace safety equipment, including PPE, First Aid, Fire Safety and CoSHH safety essentials.


Guide to selecting Hazardous Substance Storage

It is the responsibility of an employer to provide suitable storage for storage of flammable and hazardous liquids. There is some very useful guidance regarding this on the HSE website. In an ideal world we would not need to store hazardous substances near an area where people are working. However this is very rarely practical and proper solutions need to be found. The HSE states that, when not in use, containers of flammable or hazardous materials should be kept closed and stored in suitable cabinets or bins which are designed... Read More


The Importance of PPE

We can’t undermine the importance of PPE in the workplace. Whether you’re an employer, self employed or an employee, creating a safe working environment should be priority to minimise injuries whilst at work. Personal protection equipment (PPE) refers to all clothing, accessories and equipment that’s designed to protect the wearer from injury or infection. The risks that are minimalised by PPE include injuries caused by physical, electrical, heat and chemical accidents. Parrs has a huge collection of protective equipment to choose from for both you and your employers.   Eye... Read More


An Introduction to LOLER – Lifting Equipment Regulations

As it’s estimated that 35% of the more serious injuries that occur in the workplace are caused by neglecting simple manual handling techniques, we thought we should introduce you to LOLER. LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) were put in place to describe what you, as an employer, should be doing to keep your employees safe in the workplace.   Why was it introduced? LOLER was introduced in 1998 as a set of regulations created under the Health and Safety at Work Act and provides guidance and requirements... Read More


How to choose Bike Storage for the Workplace

There are multiple benefits to an employer in offering staff secure cycle storage at work. Health A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. By encouraging your staff to cycle to work, you are offering them the healthy choice of leaving the car at home. Environment Cycling is good for the environment and helps reduce traffic. Cost You can reduce car parking spaces by putting in a shelter. Councils are actively looking to tax workplace parking. So what do you need to do? Find out how many staff currently... Read More


Guide to the safe use of Shelving, Racking and Pallets

Most businesses use shelves to store goods and materials, and racking units are often used for storage in warehouses and factories, typically in conjunction with pallets. Shelving and Racking Shelving and racking must be suitable for its purpose and installed and maintained properly. Ensure that: floors are sound and level manufacturer’s installation instructions are followed where shelving or racking needs to be fixed to a wall, the wall can support the load where appropriate, special safety ladders are provided to avoid people climbing on shelving units are spaced correctly to... Read More


How to use the amazing Multi Trolley

Multi Trolley teaches us all that simple ideas are often the best. PARRS have been selling handling equipment for 130 years so when we were told by this Scandinavian company that they had a product that would revolutionise furniture moving, I must admit that there was a certain amount of sniggering in the back row of the meeting. But when they showed us how to use the Multi Trolley, we were amazed. Using  this simple product immediately made every two man job into a one man job. Perfect for the removals... Read More


Why we Love RAVENDO Easy Tip Sack Trucks

We always find it slightly amusing when Sack Truck manufacturers come to us with claims about the capacities on their latest sack trucks. 300kg and 400kg are quite normal. Now it is not untrue that these trucks have extremely high capacities. After all, they are made out of either steel or aluminium, and the wheels are usually tested to well over the stated load capacity. It is only when you actually try to move the stated load that the problem arises. The truck might be able to take the load,... Read More


Key points to consider when buying Workplace Lockers 

  The size and configuration of the locker compartment will be determined by the items to be stored e.g. the need to hang garments, size of bags/holdalls, the storage of motor cycle helmets and footwear etc. Is there a need to keep workwear separately from personal clothing? Clean/Dirty Lockers are supplied with two vertical compartments to separate workwear and daywear. If hygiene is important consider a factory fitted sloping top option on lockers. This prevents an unwanted build up of dirt and debris and also encourages storage within the locker and... Read More


Cosco a Sack Truck that does it all…

We are  sometimes asked what our least favourite product is. Now without dropping ourselves in it, we can say that when we are approached to sell products that claim to have multiple functions, we immediately start to get worried. In most cases, a product that claims to do everything, quite often ends up doing very little. For instance it’s a bit like buying a car that also mows the lawn, or a food mixer that glows in the dark. You end up having to compromise so much that the primary function of the product is devalued.... Read More


Manual Handling With Sack Trucks

Workplace accidents are a common occurrence – with the majority of them being completely avoidable by using the right equipment and training your staff to use it properly. It’s estimated that at least 35% of injuries that lead to employees being off work for a total of three days or more are caused by accidents from neglecting simple manual handling guidelines. If you’re regularly moving large or heavy items at work or stock around your warehouse and are yet to invest in a good quality sack truck – now is... Read More


FAST FACTS: Standing in the Workplace

Many occupations require prolonged periods of standing. Standing is actually deemed healthier for us than sitting but only if done safely. Correct posture, well fitting footwear and safe cushioned flooring such as anti-fatigue mats can make a significant difference to standing comfort, safety and overall health. Like sitting, regular prolonged standing can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MDSs) to both the lower and upper limbs. Standing can also lead to circulatory problems such as varicose veins. DID YOU KNOW? MSDs are the most common ocupational disease in the EU and very... Read More


Why PARRS support flexible working hours

It is a significant organisational challenge for a company to offer flexible working hours to staff at the same time as offering customers and suppliers the absolute highest levels of service. However it is a challenge that needs to be met. Flexible working requests should never be grounds for a battle between a member of staff and their employer. On the contrary, flexible working can be rewarding for both parties; the employee will be happy and less concerned about trying to balance work and domestic responsibilities, and the employer can... Read More


ROLL-STEP… A step above the rest!

There are few products in our range that exemplify our obsession with quality more than PARRS Roll-Step. The kick-step has been around for over 40 years. Originally a German manufactured product, we now manufacture this humble plastic step here in the West Midlands. It is used by many major retailers such as Tesco, Asda, Superdrug, Halfords and Next. The Roll-Step is the product of choice for many Health and Safety professionals because, in their view, it is the highest quality step on the market. You just take it out of... Read More


On Your Feet Britain Day Friday 29th April

There are some awareness days that can seem like a bit of a gimmick, and others that make you stand up and take notice. On Your Feet Britain is a campaign by and is a great opportunity for us all to think a little bit more about our sedentary lifestyles and how we can do more for our health by spending just a bit more time standing up and moving around. We’ve got three products in particular that could help you to sit less and move more. Sit Stand... Read More


Why you should visit PARRS EXPRESSO Sack Trucks Stand at IMHX…

Every three years, The International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) comes to the NEC.  Located just 8 miles east of Birmingham city centre, and at the heart of the UK motorway network the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) is the perfect venue for this exhibition. In our view this is the most important exhibition there is for materials handling, and as such it is the only time that we exhibit the range of EXPRESSO Sack Trucks. PARRS are the UK’s official distributor for EXPRESSO and in our opinion, they are the best sack trucks in... Read More


3 easy steps for filling pesky pot holes…

Pot Holes seem to be a peculiarly British disease. When travelling  in France, driving is a real pleasure; you can take a drink of water without wearing the contents of the bottle, and you can drive in a straight line, comfortable in the knowledge that you will not need to suddenly veer sideways to avoid a  pot hole in the road. The moment you hit Dover, the roads resemble a lunar landscape, and the journey is a stern test for car and driver alike. A pothole is a hole in the... Read More


Happy Banana Day! Wednesday 20th April 2016

We love these new Banana Wet Floor Cones because they are substantial, high and a hell of a lot more creative than the traditional wet floor signs you see everywhere. It’s Banana Day today so, why not bananarize (that’s my new word spell checker!) your workplace by using our big yellow floor cones. Did you know that, according The Health and Safety Executive, slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work and cost employers over £512m a year?  So a big Banana Wet Floor Cone will make... Read More


Bottle Skips? Bar Bins? Container Trucks?

When I was growing up these blue wheeled containers were called bar trucks, but apparently they are bottle skips. Whatever they are called, these simple leak-proof containers do a very effective job. I used to work in a pub called The Wagon Wheel. It was in an era when a pub was a pub and its principle function was to save unhappy marriages by keeping the male half of the relationship away from home until his partner had gone to bed. So the predominantly male patrons of The Wagon Wheel... Read More

Clean and fresh wash rooms for all…

For some reason, whenever I look at our extensive range of wash room equipment, all I can think about is my old school washing and changing rooms. I can still smell them now, rows of unwashed sports kits hanging from rusty hooks and uneven concrete floors harbouring little pools of stagnant water, where germs were in the advanced stages of darwinian development into living creatures. Washrooms have moved on since the mid 80’s and now all the fragrant hand washes and air fresheners have transformed these plague-ridden pits into some Disney inspired... Read More

Expresso Sack Trucks…Simply the best!

Sack Trucks are used to move a multitude of items; some valuable, some delicate, and many heavy. So you would think that when you are considering the relocation of your state-of-the-art Plasma TV or your new fridge freezer, you would use equipment that is up to the job. But no, you remember that rusty steel sack truck with the broken wheel at the back of the garage. That’ll do. Unfortunately the outcome is entirely predictable. Parrs have been the UK distributor for Expresso Sack Trucks for as long as anyone... Read More

If respiratory masks were a fashion accessory….

If respiratory masks were a fashion accessory, then we would all have been wearing the PPE equivalent of bell-bottom jeans every day for the last 40 years. They have changed a bit but have never looked as cool as they did in the early 1940’s when a gas mask was the accessory of choice for those people who had a bit of a mustard gas phobia. So this award winning design from JSP is quite exciting. I, for one, will be proud to wear this Force8 Half Mask with Typhoon Valve and... Read More


I am ‘avin a fag!

I used to smoke until my wife told me I was not smoking any more owing to the impending arrival of our first-born. Nowadays, announcing you are a smoker, is similar to proclaiming you that you are on the sex offenders register or support UKIP. It’s not cool. So I am pleased that I don’t smoke. What fascinates me now is that smoking e-cigarettes have entered the market as an alternative. There are different rules that apply to vaping and our email this week tells you what they are. Take... Read More


Sad News…

I am sorry to be the bearer of sad news in my first newsletter. Don Gerrard, our former Managing Director, sadly passed away two weeks ago. He was a dedicated man who was passionate about the great quality products that made Parrs unique in handling and access equipment. Don steered Parrs through an amazing period of change and growth in the 1980s when we changed from a local business, fixing sack trucks and wheel barrows, into a National company, selling thousands of products through our industrial catalogue. Under Don’s stewardship... Read More


A limerick about a Sack Truck…

I have been asked to write a blog about one of my favourite products, the Cosco 3-in-1 Sack Truck. It is one of our best selling products because it is amazing value, well made, and does all the jobs a great aluminium sack truck should do. I could go on about the features and benefits, but you really need to try this product yourself to see how fantastic it is. Instead I have written my first, and probably last, limerick, in praise of this great sack truck. Here goes… There once was a... Read More


Heating Wars…

At Scholes towers, we have spent the weekend fighting over the thermostat. My wife believes that it should be Summer every day of the year, and my three daughters are too obsessed with sacrificing themselves on the high altar of fashion to listen to any arguments from an old fart about wearing more clothes. Conversely I hate to be hot and I think my family can only benefit from my constant lectures about the cost of heating. There is a solution to the issue of central heating wars. And that... Read More


PARRS Brand New Catalogue Out Now!

I hesitate to say Happy New Year, because most of us will have returned to our desks through rain-soaked commutes to find an inbox straining almost as much as our belt buckles. Meanwhile, the media, having spent the whole of December telling us to eat and drink as much as possible, is now telling us we have all over-indulged and we should eat less and drink less. My own view is that if there was ever a month to increase consumption, it should be January. So at PARRS, to try... Read More