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Folding Sack Trucks

A folding sack truck or folding trolley gives you a higher degree of portability and convenience in the workplace. Offering compact and lightweight designs, our range of folding sack trucks can be easily collapsed, folded and stored away between uses, ideal for easy transportation and for premises with limited space. From carrying files and documents around the office to safely transporting parcels and boxes, a folding sack truck is the perfect piece of equipment for your busy workplace. And don’t forget to explore our range of puncture proof sack trucks and heavy-duty sack trucks for those bigger jobs and heavier loads.
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For situations when portability is equally as important as the task in hand, a folding sack truck provides a convenient solution to manual handling in many different industries. Traditionally more suited to office environments where folding trolleys can be used for carrying documents to different departments in the office, modern materials have paved the way for a range of foldable sack trucks that can be used to carry heavier loads whilst remaining entirely compact. A modern aluminium folding sack truck has a lifting capacity up to 270kg - surpassing many of the much-heavier steel constructed sack trucks and other heavy duty sack trucks - whilst featuring a folding foot iron, handles and wheels for compact storage and transportation.

Folding Sack Truck Design

Due to the lightweight construction of a folding sack truck, they’re perfect for delivery vehicles to carry parcels and good without placing the strain on the back and require a minimal amount of space to be stored in the back of the van. Likewise, if you’re regularly carrying large files or heavy documents around the office, using a folding sack truck as an office trolley prevents any embarrassing, and dangerous trips or falls.

The ergonomic design of a folding sack truck has many advantages over those with a fixed frame - depending on what you need from a sack truck. With the compact, lightweight frame of a foldable sack truck that can unfold and be assembled in a matter of seconds, these are better suited to smaller business where storage space can be a real issue; without compromising on durability or strength.

Choosing a Folding Sack Barrow from PARRS

There are many reasons why you should choose a folding sack truck from PARRS, as we offer a number of incentives over our competitors. Perhaps most importantly you’ll get it sooner as most of our foldable sack trucks are in stock and delivered the next day - completely free - as we understand both cost and speed is important for both small and large businesses around the UK. We’ve also introduced a minimum 3-year guarantee on all of our products for peace of mind.

If you need help or advice on choosing a folding sack truck, give us a call on 01527 585777 or get in touch via our live chat feature on the right-hand side of this page.