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Salt Spreaders

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Selecting the right Salt Spreader

Spinner Salt Spreaders

Spinner Salt Spreaders enable large areas of ground to be covered and with minimal effort. De-icing Salt/Ice Melt is held in a storage hopper and gravity-fed on to a rotating disk, which evenly dispenses the De-icing Salt/Ice Melt away from the spreader.

Drop Salt Spreaders

Drop Salt Spreaders offer a greater degree of control when spreading De-icing Salt/Ice Melt/Grit.  Salt is dropped from the hopper in a controlled manner and forms a de-iced trail the width of the salt spreader along the route it has travelled.

Salt Spreaders or Grit Spreaders offer a cost effective solution to what can be a big issue in bad winter weather.

Most models are fitted with pneumatic wheels so they'll tackle uneven ground with ease.  Your paths, roadways and car parks will be de-iced in next to no time making them safer and less slippery for your employees, visitors and customers.

From Light Duty Walk-along Salt Spreaders to a Vehicle Mounted Salt SpreaderPARRS offer a complete range of Salt Spreaders to suit your requirements.