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Trucks, Trolleys & Dollies

Trolleys are designed to help your employees transport items around the workplace safely and efficiently. Our extensive range covers a variety of uses and functionalities to cover all kinds of workplaces and industries. Our quality drum trolleysplatform trucks, pallet trucks, trolleys and dollies come in a wide range of designs and sizes to help employees safely stack, store, move and handle multiple heavy items, helping to prevent workplace injury and speed up a variety of tasks.


If your business involves the need for transporting items around the workplace, it is essential that you invest in the correct equipment to allow your employees to do so safely. Here at PARRS we only supply the very best and most reliable trolleys and trucks to ensure your equipment is entirely fit for purpose.

You can use our extensive range of trolleys for a wide variety of tasks including stacking, storing and moving multiple heavy or awkward items at once. This additional assistance helps provide a safe method of working for employees and helps prevent work-related injury. Trolleys also help speed up traditionally slow and laborious tasks, helping to improve the efficiency of your business.


Explore our many categories and discover trucks and trolleys to suit practically any industry where manual handling is involved. From retail and food environments where boxes, trays, consumer items, and catering supplies need to be stored and transported, to outdoor businesses requiring the lifting and disposal of raw materials and street waste, you’ll find shopping trolleys, dollies and barrows to assist with practically any manual handling task.

Looking for more solutions to make handling heavy items easier? Take a look at our impressive collection of sack trucks and pallet trucks. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01527 585777 or speak to a member of our Customer Service Team via the Live Chat.