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PPE, First Aid & Fire

The majority of our PPE range is available for next day delivery so you won't be left without essential equipment - just look out for products highlighted as NEXT-DAY DELIVERY.

Whichever industry you work in, health and safety play an important role and guidelines are put in place to protect your workforce from injuries and health problems. Health and safety equipment such as PPE and CoSHH compliant products help to protect you from hazardous substances and should be used at all times, you could be breaking the law if you fail to do so.

PPE & Hazardous Substance Protection

As well as everyday PPE supplies such as hard hats, safety boots and high vis vests, PARRS supply a comprehensive range of Hazardous Substance Cabinets and Chests, CoSHH cabinets, spill control equipment, drum storage and more to ensure your working environment adheres to strict HSE laws and guidelines. Not only are you protecting yourself from serious injury with top-to-toe PPE, but you’re also remaining protected from hazardous substances which can cause long-term health problems such as respiratory diseases. Hazardous Cabinets are a must have, if storing chemicals, paints, solvents and any dangerous substances within your place of work, and we feature many sizes and styles to suit your application and budget.

First Aid Kits & Fire Extinguishers

However, accidents will inevitably happen in the workplace and are sometimes unavoidable - even when conforming to HSE laws. Therefore, ensuring your workplace is equipped with First Aid Kits and Fire Fighting Equipment is essential. Within the First Aid department here at PARRS, you’ll find everything from basic kits, which are suitable for those on a budget, to full BSI (British Standards Institution) take into account injuries such as burns or resuscitation, therefore, more comprehensive than other first aid kits. For fire safety, Fire Blankets and Fire Extinguishers should be installed in multiple areas of the workplace to help tackle small fires; with an extensive range available at discount prices here at PARRS.

With over 130 years of knowledge and experience, you can be confident PARRS can supply everything you need to kit out your business with the essential health and safety products. Don’t forget that we offer FREE UK delivery and a minimum 3-year guarantee on all products as standard - you won’t find this anywhere else.