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A Buyer’s Guide to Sack Trucks

Sack trucks (also known as hand trucks or sack barrows) are a sound investment for any workspace where manual handling tasks are carried out. But which type of sack truck should you choose? 

There are many types, styles and designs of sack trucks, each suited to different needs and loads. The key to choosing the right sack truck is to identify the main purpose you need it to serve, which in turn will help you narrow down the options and find the type of sack truck that best meets your requirements. 

To help you along the way, we have put together our expert buyer’s guide to choosing the right sack truck. Simply work through the key points and questions below to help you decide:

How often will the sack truck be used?

A sack truck that will be used on a daily basis needs to be sturdy and reliable and should be seen as a long-term investment. EXPRESSO, in our opinion, manufactures some of the best aluminium sack trucks in the world; they are ergonomically designed and modular by design meaning you should never need to replace the truck. Another fantastic everyday-use option is RAVENDO, our premium European steel truck range, with trucks designed to last a lifetime. If, however, you only require a sack truck for light, occasional use, a standard sack truck will more than suffice for lightweight, infrequent manual handling tasks.

What is the weight of the goods to be transported?

Selecting a truck with the correct weight capacity is essential for maintaining proper health and safety conditions in the workplace. You need to consider how much weight your sack truck will be transporting and take care to select a truck designed to cope with that level of weight.

250kg Capacity

All sack trucks bear a symbol like the one above, which identifies the maximum load capacity. Loading more weight on the sack truck than is advised is dangerous for the user and can also cause damage to the truck, so make sure you take this important factor into consideration when you choose your sack truck. Our range features trucks with load weight capacities ranging from 0 to 500kg, so there’s a design to suit all load types.

Which type of foot-iron do you need?

The foot-iron is the load plate found at the bottom of the sack truck, and this determines the load type and size that the truck can carry. Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that the largest foot-iron takes the largest single load. Larger foot irons do, however, allow the user to stack multiple items when needed, while classic slim foot irons allow for easy insertion beneath the item to be loaded. 

You can also find Dual foot-iron sack truck designs, which allow the user to switch between and accommodate different load sizes, while sack trucks with folding foot-irons allow for easier storage when the truck is not in use. The type of foot-iron you need will depend on the type (or types) of loads you will need to transport as well as the amount of available storage space you have on your premises.

What sort of surface will the truck be used on?

A factor often overlooked by potential users, the type of surfaces your truck will be used on will have a significant bearing on the type of truck you should invest in. Sack trucks come with a variety of different wheel types, each of which is designed to cope with use on different terrains. Use our table below to learn about the different wheel types and which terrains they are best for:

What sort of surface will the truck be used on?
Solid Rubber Pneumatic
A general-purpose tyre that is suitable for use on flat ground. Solid rubber tyres will not puncture but do not offer the flexibility of a pneumatic tyre. Provide smooth handling over kerbs and uneven ground, although can puncture like a bicycle tyre.

A premium hard-wearing tyre choice that also provides smooth handling over the rough and uneven ground but will not puncture like standard pneumatic tyres.

Puncture Proof Stair Climber
A premium hard-wearing tyre choice that also provides smooth handling over the rough and uneven ground but will not puncture like standard pneumatic tyres. Stairclimber sack trucks fitted with start wheel configuration and hand trucks fitted with skids are designed especially for this purpose; again remember to check the capacity weight for use on a staircase.

Will you require the sack truck to do several different jobs?

If you need to carry out several different manual handling tasks but don’t want to have to buy multiple different sack truck types, you can invest in a convertible sack truck for maximum versatility. Convertible sack trucks are trucks that can be used in multiple positions and therefore carry out a variety of tasks. A 2-in-1 truck, for example, will work as a standard upright truck as well as a platform truck, while a 3-in-1 sack truck (with the help of rear-wheel supports) can also be used at a 45-degree angle. They are ideal if you only have the space for one truck but need to do a number of different jobs.

Which handle type do you need?

Sack trucks come in a variety of handle designs, each providing different ergonomic and practical benefits. Use our table below to identify the most common handle types found on sack trucks and which would be best suited to your needs:

Knuckle Guards Loop Handle ‘P’ Handle
Knuckle guards protect hands from the load. Loops handles can be used single-handedly and are easier to pull over obstructions. ‘P’ handle trucks are a variation of the loop handle and allow the truck to be loaded horizontally before being raised to the upright position.

Are you ready to choose your sack truck? Browse our full sack trucks range here at PARRS and use the filters on the left-hand side to search our range by type, brand, foot-iron, weight capacity, wheel type, handle type and price.

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