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Selecting the right Office Chair

Selecting a good office chair with the right comfort and ergonomic features is really important, especially if the user is going to be sitting in it for long periods of time.

PARRS have a wide choice of office chairs; consider comfort, support, features and of course budget when deciding on the right one.

Guide to Features

Seat Height Adjustment/Gas Lift Mechanism

Chairs with adjustable seat height can be adapted to suit the users size and enable them to rest their feet flat on the floor. Gas lift chairs provide a more cushioned seat and enable the user to raise or lower the height by tapping a lever.

Adjustable Back Rest

Backrests support the back in the right areas as well as promote good posture and avoid straining parts of the body. They can be moved in and out to allow additional seat depth and can be adjusted up and down and lock in various positions, High-back chairs may also support the users shoulders, head and neck.

Tilt Tension

Allows the user to adjust the seat to different positions by tilting forward and back. The tilt lock will secure the back of the seat to the chosen angle increasing or decreasing the resistance of the chair.

Free Floating Back

Back can free-float meaning it will move with the users back providing constant support.

Height Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable armrests help reduce strain on the wrists and shoulders and the tendency to slump.  They can also be lowered so the user can pull their chair in closer to the desk.

Swivel Seat

Most office chairs come with a smooth 360 degree swivel operation for flexible manoeuvrability.


Fire retardant fabric upholstery is durable and easy to clean.  Mesh is comfortable and breathable.  Faux Leather and Leather is hard wearing, yet soft and luxurious.


Sturdy 5-star bases provide increased stability and ensure the chair is not likely to tip over.  Castors provide manoeuvrability and are suitable for use on carpet and solid flooring.  Glides are used when the chair needs to be permanently static.

Chair Types

Operator Chairs Tend to come as high or medium back providing support to the whole back and shoulders. Our range includes budget and premium priced operator chairs that are suitable for varying hours of use. Most are available with optional armrests.

Draughter Chairs High level chairs available with medium or high back. Designed for counter and draught work.

Manager/Executive Chairs More generously proportioned than an operator chair and usually more deeply upholstered in a hard wearing fabric, faux leather or leather. Suitable when users day-to day duties are varied and do not involve intense repeated tasks such as constant keyboard use.

24 Hour Chairs Seating that is in constant use for long periods by one or more users. They have a stronger build than normal contract office chairs and are usually more generously upholstered for increased comfort.

Recommended Usage:

Look out for our recommended usages that will be any of the following:-

Up to 3 Hours – Light use Designed for occasional use
Up to 5 Hours – Moderate use Designed for light office use
Up to 8 Hours – General use Designed for normal office environments
Up to 12 Hours – General use Designed for normal office environments
Up to 24 Hours – Sustained use Designed to meet more demanding environments and uses such as control rooms and call centres, they are rated up to 27 stone


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