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Manual Handling & Lifting Equipment

As experts in manual handling, ensuring you have the correct handling and lifting equipment to safely transport loads and stock around the workplace is paramount as this helps improve safety and reduces risks associated with manual handling.

Our range of sack trucks, trolleys and lifters are designed to handle varying weights, from heavy-duty sack trucks capable of lifting up to 500kg to moving dollies, designed for a variety of tasks such as moving pianos or appliances. We even supply a range of Fork Lift Truck Attachments, such as fork extensions and access platforms, to make your place of work safer and more efficient.

Manual Handling with Lifting Equipment

Manual Handling equipment such as Sack Trucks and Pallet Trucks help reduce the risk of injury and allow employers to conform to the guidelines laid out by the HSE. However, many workplaces neglect basic inspection and maintenance recommendations on their lifting equipment which can easily lead to serious injury.

Buying your lifting equipment from PARRS helps reduce this risk, as our manual handling products undergo rigorous testing and come with a minimum 3-year guarantee for peace of mind. Not only that, our 130 years experience in the industry has allowed PARRS to secure long-standing relationships with leading brands such as Expresso and Ravendo, who have a reputation for unbeatable quality and reliability, and we’re proud to be the exclusive distributor of these brands within the UK.

Inspecting Lifting Equipment

If you’re an employer, it’s the law to ensure your employees have access to the correct lifting equipment and are trained to use it safely. Manual Handling equipment such as Sack Trucks and Trolleys should be regularly inspected for faults, with any that show signs of deterioration or excessive wear and tear being replaced.