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Guide to selecting Workplace Matting & Flooring

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of workplace matting options available:

Entrance Matting

80% of dirt is brought into your working environment on foot.  Dirty and wet floors increase the chance of pedestrians slipping over.  Entrance Mats help create a safer entrance by:

  • Preventing dirt travelling throughout the workplace
  • Reducing slip hazards
  • Removing dirt and moisture from shoes
  • Making entrances look clean, tidy and professional

Commercial Matting

Whether you require water drainage, slip resistance, hardwearing floor covering, insulation or impact resistance, we have a product for you.  Commercial Matting is great for workshops, warehouses, schools, leisure facilities, kitchens, stables and more more.

Industrial Matting

Ideal for high volume traffic areas and manufacturing facilities which can be dirtier environments.  Some matting is suitable for use with electrics, other types offer chemical, acid and oil resistance while open grid matting allows liquid drainage.

Anti-fatigue Matting

Tiredness in the workplace can come from excessive standing and can lead to health problems such as feet, legs and lower back aches and pains as well as more serious issues.  Anti-fatigue matting helps promote regular foot movement as the feet naturally adapt to the cushioned surface of the mat.  It helps improve blood circulation, provides insulation from heat, cold and vibration.  Installing the right matting can help improve productivity, reduce health problems and improve the safety of your employees.

Anti-Slip/Trip Matting

Slips and trips are accidents that can occur everywhere.  Over one third of all major injuries to workers every year and 20% of ‘over 3 day’ injuries are a cause of slips and trips.  This results in high costs to both employees and health service.  Installing matting with anti-slip properties can help prevent such accidents.

We’re here to help if you’re not sure which type of matting you need. Speak to a member of our Customer Service Team, we offer impartial advice ensuring  you get the best matting and flooring product to suit your requirements. Call 01527 585777 or email your enquiry to








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