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The importance of Warehouse Labelling & Identification

The management of any warehouse/stores needs an effective labelling and identification system, stock needs to be identified and in its rightful location in order to improve efficiency with order picking and minimise costly picking errors. PARRS offer a range of labelling and identification products from the Beaverswood brand – a one stop shop for all your warehouse labelling and identification needs. The full range can be found here BEAVERSWOOD.

It is understood that many order pickers working in an environment where an in-effective system operates, a large proportion of their time is spent trying to pick goods that are not in their correct place. This also leads to an increase in picking errors, these errors affect every aspect of the business and can lead to having to re-process orders sometimes involving credits, re-invoices and re-despatch taking up lots of unnecessary time (errors could also mean a reduction in repeat business).

For many SME’s having a full blown barcoded order picking system isn’t feasible due to the costs and as a result most business retain their existing systems which often become antiquated as a result of changes in product, market fluctuations and warehouses practices. A small outlay to produce a labelling system can help in achieving lower picking times, lower errors and often help in increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

As well as having an effective labelling system, legislation states that you must warn staff/visitors of hazards within the premises. According to statistics one worker is killed every six weeks and many more injured as a direct result of forklift accidents. Having set pedestrianised routes/areas and visible forklift warning signs will help reduce the likelihood of any incidents occurring. Our floor marking range can be found here FLOOR MARKERS

To further aid demarcation products such as floor signalling can be used which help highlight walkways, traffic flow, pallet positions and general marking on the warehouse floor. Available in a choice of 6 colours these floor labels are a simple but effective solution for floor marking. Our range of Floor Signals can be found here FLOOR SIGNALS

Over the last few years there has been a significant growth in company’s adopting 5S and LEAN manufacturing policy’s, The 5S focus is on Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain. Company’s adopting these policy’s achieve higher operational results by sustaining a productive work environment, reduce waste, help lower accidents and lower un-planned downtime.

To manage warehouse waste and maintain 5S  standards adding Racksacks to the end of racking help waste segregation, promotes a cleaner green environment with less clutter/waste products being on the floor possibly leading to lower accidents. Our range of Racksacks can be found here RACKSACKS

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