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Guide to choosing the right Pallet Truck

If your workplace has a warehouse or factory it is a health and safety necessity to have the right equipment to move heavy loads.

Pallet Trucks are the easiest, most economical method of doing this.

Before you buy, consider these points to ensure you receive the best Pallet Truck for its use and for your money:

Powered  v. Manual

The obvious advantage to an Electric Pallet Truck is the ease of use and manoeuvring of the pallet truck as oppose to a manual one, however, the powered pallet trucks are more expensive.

Check the weight

Generally, in warehouses and factories, the same items tend to be moved on a weekly basis and of the same weight and so choose a pallet truck that will be able to handle the heaviest of your loads.

Check the fork size

Once the maximum weight has been determined, think about the dimensions of the pallets you are going to be moving around bearing in mind that the average pallet is 1200 x 1000mm.

How high will the pallet truck need to lift?

Pallet Trucks should only be used to lift heavy weights a short distance off the ground, the maximum being 25cm. Before buying your pallet truck measure how high the pallet truck will need to be lifting the loads to ensure the pallet truck can handle this height safely.

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