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Temperature Control Equipment

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Create a cooler, more comfortable working environment by simply plugging in a Fan, Air Cooler or Air Conditioner unit.

PARRS Guide to Cooling

Re-circulate warm air. Best used in conjunction with air coolers and air conditioners for maximum cooling effects.

Air Coolers
Circulate cool air around the room and needs doors/windows to be open to create an airflow. Uses water in the tank to cool the air as it is expelled; the water tank can be chilled with ice or frozen ice packs for even cooler results.

Open Room - needs to be open at two points (doors or windows) to create a 'through air flow' for best results. If room is sealed, moisture cannot escape, this will cause high humidity, which creates a higher room temperature.

Vent - no vent required.

Dehumidifier - no dehumidifier.

Humidifier - humidifying function thus avoiding dry air.

Water Tank - water tank - will require topping up.

Humidity - will not operate effectively in humid conditions.

Running Costs - cheaper than Air Conditioners.

Air Conditioners
Blow refrigerated air for much cooler results. Works on the same principle as a fridge so achieves cooler temperatures than an air cooler. The unit produces chilled air and expels the heat outside via the hose.

Closed room - needs to be sealed for effective operation to avoid warm air entering.

Vent - needs venting by means of a hose through an open window or wall.

Dehumidifier - extracts excess moisture from the air and many dust/pollen particles held in the air.

Humidifier - no humidifier.

Water Tank - water tank or condensation tray may be fitted depending on model. Some models will require emptying periodically.

Humidity - will operate in humid conditions.

Running Costs - higher running costs than air cooler but far greater benefits and cooler results.