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Safety Lockout / Tagout

Lockout/Tagout, if applied correctly, improves employee safety during machine interventions. Diligently applying Lockout/Tagout devices in line with procedure is critical to guarantee the safety of the worker during machine interventions. PARRS offer a wide range of Lockout/Tagout devices.

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Safety Lockout Hasps ensure each workers safety, providing a much needed guard against preventable accident and injury in the workplace. Power cannot be returned until all the padlocks have been removed from the lockout hasp, which is attached to the isolating point.

PARRS offer an extensive range of safety lockout padlocks in a variety of materials: Xenex Lockout Padlocks, Xenex Lockout Padlocks -– Long and Xenex Lockout Padlocks –- Plastic.

Rotating Gate Valve Lockouts are essential for locking out valves during maintenance work, ensuring the valve remains switched off and avoiding needless injury. Our Rotating Gate Valve Lockout effectively locks down the valve, preventing operation.

Safety Lockout Tags are used for identification purposes our security tags can be tailored to your specific requirements, with optional application of name, department and expected completion date/time.

Many International Companies have adopted OSHA standards to control Lock-out Procedures. All Master Lock lockout/tagout products are OSHA compliant. OSHA Standard 1910.147 relates to Lock-out/Tag-out and the Control of Hazardous Energy. Four key points of the OSHA Lock-out standard are:

  • Devices must be identifiable
  • Devices shall only be used for controlling energy
  • Shall not be used for other purposes
  • Shall meet the following requirements: durable, standardised, substantial, identifiable

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