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Servicing & Repairs

Properly serviced and repaired equipment allows your staff to be more productive, helps you comply with Health and Safety legislation and saves you money. PARRS Service Team can visit almost any site within the UK to inspect, service and repair your equipment for the workplace.

·      All lifting equipment has to be properly inspected under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, otherwise known as LOLER. Contact our Customer Service Team to find out more.

·       PARRS can inspect, repair and service all recognised makes and models of Pallet Trucks

·       We will service and repair Expresso Sack Trucks.

·       We offer 6 monthly and 12 monthly inspections for lifting equipment under LOLER regulations.

·       Any materials handling equipment and warehouse steps can be inspected, serviced and repaired.

·       PARRS will inspect equipment under PUWER (The Provision and Use of Work Equipment 1998)

Contact our Customer Service Team for more information.                   

It is essential that all warehouse equipment is properly maintained. Let PARRS take the worry away by inspecting, repairing and servicing your workplace equipment. 

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Servicing & Repairs by PARRS