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De-icing Salt & Ice Melts

Ice Melts, Brown Salt, Rock Salt, De-icing Salt, Grit?  

Unsure which product to choose, read our blog De-icing Salt & Grit explained

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PROCESSED SALT is a high purity, clean salt and leaves little or no residue on the ground unlike the muddy sludge associated with road salt and grit. It has a standard granule size and therefore free-flowing and works very well with Walk-along Spreaders.

Spreadability:  Excellent 

Recommended Products: White De-icing Salt

ROAD SALT has a gritty appearance but is no 'grit'.  It is a cheaper alternative to Processed Salt but de-ices at a slower rate.  Its mixed granule size makes it less free flowing and therefore less efficient when used in conjunction with Spreaders.  Once dry will leave a residue.

Spreadability:  Excellent 

Recommended Products: Brown De-icing Salt.

ICE MELTS are designed and manufactured for effective performance at a greater range of temperatures, ice-melt products are free flowing, consistent in appearance and often non-corrosive to spreading equipment.

Spreadability:  Excellent 

Recommended Products: Magic Ice Melt, eXtreme Ice Melt Pack, Winter Wizard Sticks and Tubs.

GRIT has little or no snow melting properties and only provides grip for vehicles.  Often bagged and has a sandy type texture,  It is very difficult to spread with any walk-along spreader due to the high moisture content and texture.

Spreadability:  Average when dry 

Recommended Products: N/A