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Why PARRS support flexible working hours

It is a significant organisational challenge for a company to offer flexible working hours to staff at the same time as offering customers and suppliers the absolute highest levels of service. However it is a challenge that needs to be met.

Flexible working requests should never be grounds for a battle between a member of staff and their employer. On the contrary, flexible working can be rewarding for both parties; the employee will be happy and less concerned about trying to balance work and domestic responsibilities, and the employer can be rewarded by increased productivity and a member of staff who will find it less appealing to search for alternative employment.

At Parrs, 50% of our employees are on flexible working and we allow all staff to ask for flexible hours, not just those with young children. Often caring for an elderly relative can be just as demanding as caring for a child and it is important that an employer recognises this.

At Parrs we reject the idea of work-life balance because, in our experience, work is a part of life and not separate from it. If we can reach a point where work is an enjoyable aspect of life then that can only be a good thing, and we believe that the best way to do this is to make sure that work fits into the ever-changing pattern of life.

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