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Why we Love RAVENDO Easy Tip Sack Trucks

We always find it slightly amusing when Sack Truck manufacturers come to us with claims about the capacities on their latest sack trucks. 300kg and 400kg are quite normal.

Now it is not untrue that these trucks have extremely high capacities. After all, they are made out of either steel or aluminium, and the wheels are usually tested to well over the stated load capacity.

It is only when you actually try to move the stated load that the problem arises. The truck might be able to take the load, but the human being pushing the truck, cannot possibly tip the truck back in order to get it moving.

This is why we love the RAVENDO Easy Tip Sack Trucks. Those clever Danes at RAVENDO have fitted a simple, patented tipping aid system that reduces the effort to tip a heavy load by half.

By increasing the leverage with an axle extension, life suddenly gets a whole lot easier.

  1. Load the Sack Truck
  2. Place your foot on the grey, steel lever
  3. Tip the load back by using the axle as well as the handles.


It’s that simple. A RAVENDO Easy-Tip Sack Truck can reduce strain on the user by nearly 50%, and the price is no more than a normal Sack Truck.

So, in the words of the Walker Brothers and their 1965 classic, ‘Make it easy on Yourself’ with the RAVENDO Easy Tip Sack Truck.

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