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Today I am working for the Government.

In fact we all are. At least one day a week all of us taxpayers arrive at work in the knowledge that all of our efforts for the day will not give us any direct reward, but the fruits of our labour will be sent off to that nice man at the treasury. He will spend it on important stuff like killing badgers, subsidising the House of Commons bar and paying for policemen to arrest MPs for stuff like fighting, and fiddling their expenses.

With this knowledge at the forefront of my mind, I have spent most of the morning throwing one of our products at a brick wall. This has a number of benefits: it helps with my anger management, it is good exercise, and it replicates a test done by one of our major customers on our kickstep.

I was told by the buyer at one of our largest supermarkets that, in order to test the strength of our plastic kick step, they repeatedly throw it at a wall. I had never considered this as a useful test for a product that is designed for restocking shelves in the supermarkets, and I couldn’t see a good reason for throwing the product at a wall. Until today.

Having thrown our kick step at a wall on a number of occasions, I am pleased to report that not only has the product shown itself to be remarkably resilient to repeated high velocity contact with masonry, but also your blogger is now more at peace with how his taxes are being spent.

While I am not recommending that you throw any of our products at a wall, as it will undoubtedly put a number of good therapists out of business, I am pleased to say that we believe that all of Parrs products are the highest quality, and we are prepared to get off our backsides and put them through bizarre tests to prove it.

If you would like to consider looking at our kick step, please follow the link. Maybe you should buy one, but please use it as a step, rather than a missile.


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