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Racking up on Cycle Racks

With the passing of the festive season, more and more people will be looking to make good on their new year resolution promises; a complete overhaul of fitness habits being one of the most common. With this in mind, why not take advantage by investing in a cycle rack or cycle shelter, suitable for the workplace and a variety of environments; both indoor and outdoor. A top quality cycle rack is an essential storage solution. Whether wall mounted, pillar mounted or freestanding, we offer a wide range of cycle racks and shelters to suit your needs.

This is also an excellent opportunity to establish and encourage a ‘cycle to work’ scheme within your business, maximising employee benefits such as: improved productivity, higher attendance as well as the positive affect on emotional wellbeing. Ease the problem of traffic congestion around your workplace by vitalizing your cycling to work programme.

In addition to being timely, the government has recently pledged upwards of £100 million to develop roads and cycle networks across the UK, this the latest development in a consistent show of support for UK cyclists. A convenient commute has never been more of a reality for upwards of 740, 000 regular commuters in the UK.

With an increase in cycling expected in the coming years, make sure you’re not left out in the cold and are able to accommodate this trend.

Do you plan to start cycling more often in the new year? Does your workplace have a ‘cycle to work’ scheme in place? Leave us a comment here on this blog or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook

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