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Parrs Standard Pallet Trucks

The sun is shining here at Parrs Pavilions and the local council are out mowing all of the flowers that are trying to get a short glimpse of this beautiful weather. The warehouse staff are still wearing their hi-viz vests despite the warm weather, although I would appreciate it if they could wear some other pieces of clothing as well. Oh well.

In anticipation of the forthcoming European elections, I wanted to talk about a side of being in this huge trading block that many of you may not be aware of; and that is protectionism. In our experience the European Union will intervene to protect mainland European companies from Far-eastern competition. ‘Why should we care?’ I hear you all saying. Well, when the tariff on say, a pallet truck from China is over 70% of its value, then guess what happens to the price of pallet trucks to you, our valued customers? As a result of European intervention, you will have to pay up to 50% more for a pallet truck than you did only a couple of years ago. That, in my view, is not a great benefit of being in Europe.

So here at Parrs, we have decided that we are going to drop the price of our standard pallet trucks and give you the best deal on the market. Go to our website and have a look at our latest offer.


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