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Merry Christmas!

Well we are now getting perilously close to Christmas. I have noticed that my work diary is packed between now and December 23rd and empty in January. Why is it that I have to cram everything in before 25th December and commit to nothing after that date?

The Marketing Department are very busy putting together the 2014 catalogue, which I must say, does look pretty good. Make sure that you give us a call in January and get your copy.

I go on frequent visits to the Marketing department to check progress on our esteemed publication. However I am quickly repelled by the ‘Now that’s what I call Christmas’ CD that is playing constantly in the background. Regrettably this music is accompanied by varying degrees of singing proficiency.

The phones are getting a little quieter now as people tend not to think that a bay of shelving or a set of mobile steps are the ideal Christmas present (My wife certainly didn’t appreciate the vacuum cleaner I gave her last year from the Parrs catalogue, there’s no pleasing some people). So in order to give the order processing team something to do I would like to offer 20% off between now and Christmas if you use code SALE20 when you get to checkout. As I said earlier everything happens before Christmas!

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