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Why PARRS Kick Step is the best on the market

Often, the most essential products are the least interesting to read about online, and the least essential are the most interesting; For instance, most of us would prefer to browse pages about luxury yachts or exotic holiday destinations, and few of us get interested researching the importance of toothbrushes, toilet paper and deodorant.

Therefore, I am tasked with writing an interesting blog about The Parrs Kick step in the knowledge that it is not a product that is going to make you more attractive, it won’t make you rich and it won’t improve your sex life. However, you will be using it with a squeaky-clean conscience, knowing that you have done the right thing for the environment, your money and your health.

The Environment.
Anything that is made of plastic these days is immediately viewed as the Son of Satan. But what if a product is made of the same plastic that would have gone into a landfill if we had not recycled it? The Parrs kick step is manufactured out of recycled plastics from wheelie bins, soap dishes and plastic bottles, making it the teacher’s pet for exemplary environmental behaviour.

Health and safety is really boring until it actually matters. That is when you are standing on a step to get to a high shelf or cupboard space. The Parrs kick step arrives fully assembled so there is no chance that you will put it together wrong, it has a non-slip integrated tread, and it stays firmly planted to the floor when you stand on it.

It’s made here in the UK.
I am not wrapping myself up in the flag of Saint George here. What I am saying is that the Parrs kick step doesn’t have to travel 8,000 miles to be with you, the product can be produced on demand and therefore availability is better than any imported product. It is made here in the Midlands so for those of us who like to support British manufacturing, I think that’s a good thing.

It’s got a certificate.
Now anyone who has access to a computer, or even a pencil, can write a certificate for their product. But we decided that we needed proper evidence to show that the Parrs kick step is the best you can buy. So, we sent our kick step off for six months to get certified to EN 141 83, which means that it was put through multiple quality tests to make sure the design, production and quality is to the highest possible standard.

The Price.
We deliver our kick step for £34.95 plus VAT to anyone on the UK mainland. That’s less than the price of a tank of fuel or a bottle of gin, both of which will have been consumed many years before our humble kick step has even broken a sweat.

We are very proud of our little product and we always get great reviews on Feefo for it, so if you want to find out why everyone here loves it, visit https://www.parrs.co.uk/plastic-kick-step-stool-p11116/s74080 .

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