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It’s cold inside, get me a Heater!

Have you noticed that some of the your staff are sitting at their desks today in coats and gloves? Yes, the central heating does its job, but maybe you need more localised heaters.

Here’s our guide to choosing the right Heater for your workplace:-

Upright Fan Heaters

Provide instant heat and warmth, especially if you are in the direct line of the fan.  Small in size so can be placed under desks and workstations to warm someone’s toes up!  They are very light to move around and take up next to no space to store when not required.

Convector Heaters

Provide instant warmth around the desks and the most expensive one is only £25. They are so light they are easy to move from room to room and some can even be wall mounted and have a fan to boost the warm-up time.

Oil Filled Radiators

A great alternative, it is a popular solution because once the oil has been warmed up the electricity consumption stops and the oil retains the heat for a long time.  There is no fan and therefore they are virtually silent.

Industrial Fan Heaters

Keep workshops and warehouse areas warm. The halogen lamp on our Big Rad Workshop Heater provides instant warmth to workshop staff; alternatively the Fire-Flo Industrial Fan Heaters will heat a much larger area with their fantastic air moving system.

Here’s some common features explained:-

Thermostat – allows you to set the temperature output of the heater so that you get the right level of warmth and use as little electricity as possible.

Safety cut out – all of the heaters and radiators have this these days, if the heater over-heats for whatever reason the power is cut so avoid any damage.

Tilt cut off – normally standard on halogen and fan heaters which turns them off if they are knocked over, this prevents the carpet from being burnt.

Heat settings this controls the output so for example on a 1.5kW heater there might be 3 settings.  Setting one will give a 500w output, setting two 1kW and setting three 1.5kW.  This allows you to have better control over the temperature in the room and the cost of running the heater.

Keep warm this winter by giving your staff that little bit more warmth at work.

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