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Its all about Free Delivery!

I went on a competitor’s website this week. They were selling a Litter Picker for £3.50. Wow! I thought, how do they do that? So off I trotted like a drunk pig through the welcoming doors of an abattoir into the ordering process to the inevitable, completely predictable and utterly frustrating moment when the ridiculous £8 delivery charge appeared as I arrived at the check-out with my little basket.

Delivery for online goods is just one of the great marketing cons of the 21st century. It’s like an airline trying to pretend that the advertised price of your flight is going to bear any resemblance to the actual price you finally pay. £10 flights to Paris! *If you don’t use a credit card, have any luggage, need the toilet, are under 8 stone in weight, and don’t want to sit down.

If you buy something online, it is more than likely that you will want it delivered. I have rarely heard of anyone buying something and asking for the supplier to keep it. Also we live on an island so the parameters of where the goods can go are quite clear. So why on earth do companies insist on trying to fool us that the price on the front page is going to be the same as the one at the end?

The answer is simple, it is because we fall for it. Every time.

So we at Parrs believe in telling our business customers the delivered price right at the beginning. This means that we might lose orders for honesty, but at least you know when you start going through the order process, that, when you get to the end, the price we told you at the beginning is the price you pay.



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