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Introducing PARRS Priority

Everyone is different. Some people want to go online, find the best price and delivery, buy as quickly as possible, and then go in search of the next deal. That’s great, and we think there’s a sometimes a bit of that attitude in all of us. However there are those of us who want a little bit more.

PARRS Priority has been created for our customers who might want to make life easier for themselves. We want to work with you to establish what you want from your online experience with PARRS; it might be extra discount on your favourite products, or an overall loyalty discount, then again it might be having access to exclusive promotions. Whatever you might want, we will discuss it with you and then set up your own dedicated private priority page which you can then use to manage your partnership with PARRS.

We believe that PARRS products and service are the best you can get, but if you want your loyalty to PARRS to be rewarded, then applying for a PARRS Priority account is the thing for you.

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