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I’m perplexed

The reason I chose my local pub for the office Christmas party is because the food they serve is generally ok. So what do I find this week? They are eschewing their normal, nice food and replacing it with their ‘Christmas menu’. Let’s be honest, even a well cooked turkey dinner is not the most inspiring meal, but when a pub does it, and charges you £30 a head for the privilege it makes you want to stick two pencils up your nose and bang your head against the desk. I suppose it could be worse, at least I’m not a vegetarian, it must be so depressing for a vegetarian when they pick up a Christmas menu, dried out nut roast again, yummy….

Anyway, here at Parrs we have started to turn our attention to the most unpredictable of British issues; the weather. I have no idea what will happen this year, but I suppose the only thing we can do is follow the scout’s mantra and ‘be prepared!’ So we have got salt, shovels, spreaders and other stuff beginning with s, filling up our warehouse. The shovels are great value at the moment, take a look online at our range.shovelsblogBe warned, if you don’t buy snow shovels now, I will be sending emails in the Spring about our great range of sandcastle shovels for your Summer holidays!

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