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Helping the homeless this Christmas…

Happy Christmas from everyone at Parrs.

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday at Scholes Towers. For me it is the moment that reminds me why Christmas is so important. My daughters arguing over how much tinsel to put on the tree, the cat hurling himself at the freshly hung baubles and the dog chewing the Christmas angel are as much part of the tradition of Christmas as the clinically obese bearded old man who squeezes down our tiny chimney every year.

I can’t pretend that we are a religious family, or that I particularly enjoy the exchange of presents; items that are generally things that we would have bought for ourselves a couple of months earlier if it had not been for the impending festive season.

For us, the important thing about Christmas is that we all have the opportunity to put our lives on pause and spend time with the people dearest to us; whether they are family, friends or pets. I understand that not every job allows you to do this and I take my hat off to the wonderful, generous folk who are working over Christmas.

I also know that not everyone has an easy time over Christmas and it can be a period of sadness and loneliness. And for those people who live rough on the streets it can be a truly awful time. Therefore, this year, we are going to donate 5% of all online sales between now and the 23rd December to Shelter, the charity for the homeless.

I wish our customers, suppliers and, of course, our staff, a fantastic break and a Great New Year.

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