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Feel the quality….

We have just started with a third party review company called Feefo. So when you order online you might get an email asking, very briefly, if you were happy with the service and the quality of the product. I hope this isn’t too much of a nuisance for you, as I know that my general reaction to questionnaires is not that positive. However I think it is better to give our customers the opportunity to comment on Parrs rather than just send out the order, put our hands over our ears, close our eyes and shout ‘La,La,la we can’t hear you’.

So now you can judge us on our service and our product quality. Now you might think that I am a bit strange (and you would not be alone), but I think that product quality is more important than service. That is not to say that I condone bad service, but given the choice of a great product and average service against great service and an average product, I know that I would choose the former every time.

Ok. I know that I have now dug a huge hole for myself and I am beginning to hope that nobody will ever read this particular blog. But I am honestly annoyed that, these days, it seems acceptable to sell bad products In a positive way. The product may be cheap and the salesman or website might offer you a complimentary oriental massage with every set of steps, sack truck, storage container or whatever that you buy. But a poor product is a poor product. And that is why I am most interested to hear what you think about our products.

Parrs has been around for nearly 130 years, we have always been proud of the attention we pay to our products and we hope that you will like them as much as we do.

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