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Cycle Storage Solutions

You’ve got the state-of-the-art bike, the aerodynamic helmet, the body-hugging lycra, and the king of the mountain attitude. It’s time to saddle up your carbon fibre pony and ride in to work!

Cycling is, without a doubt, a major health and environmental lifestyle choice. On the face of it, it is a cheap alternative to car travel; but once you have invested in a great bike you need to know that your investment is properly and securely stored at home and at work.

You should always be able to store your bike upright and if it is outside, you must secure the frame to a fixed object.

Sheffield Cycle Stand

At work, it is in your employer’s interest to supply the correct storage facility for bikes. They can save money on parking spaces by encouraging cycling to work. A bike storage facility for ten bikes can release space for ten people who might have driven to work looking for parking spaces. The health benefits to an employer of having a fit workforce are also very important. A simple shelter with a secure Sheffield stand is all you need. We also recommend providing locker storage for helmets, gloves, and cycling shoes.

Cycle Shelter & Toast Rack

At home, it is more likely that you will be storing your bike in a garage, a shed, or inside the house. A bike needs to be easily accessible and stored in such a way that other members of your household do not have the opportunity to put their own stuff on top of it! Parrs have a number of cost-effective floor and wall-mounted solutions that will store your pride and joy safely and prevent potential damage.

Indoor Cycle Storage

Cycling is the right choice for commuting or leisure, store your bike safely and securely and enjoy many British summers of super cycling!

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