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How to choose Bike Storage for the Workplace

There are multiple benefits to an employer in offering staff secure cycle storage at work.


A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. By encouraging your staff to cycle to work, you are offering them the healthy choice of leaving the car at home.


Cycling is good for the environment and helps reduce traffic.


You can reduce car parking spaces by putting in a shelter. Councils are actively looking to tax workplace parking.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Find out how many staff currently cycle to work and also those who would like to consider cycling to work.
  2. Ask staff what facilities would encourage them to cycle to work. This might mean considering lockers and possibly showers.
  3. Once you know the numbers involved, look around your premises for a suitable piece of land. This should be level. Ideally an existing part of the carpark would be ideal for securing a shelter or compound, however concrete pads can be laid in other areas.
  4. Consider how secure your shelter needs to be. This depends on the area your business is and whether the storage is within a secure area.
  5. Bike Shelters can be any size but, typically the standard sizes are 3 or 4 metres. Work out how many bikes you need to store and cross reference that number with the shelter and rack combination on the Parrs website. It might be worth considering the Parrs CycleGlide if you need to put a number of bikes into a small area.
  6. Get in touch! We can advise you on the best option and if necessary, come out and advise you where to put your shelter.

You won’t regret installing a cycle shelter and your staff will appreciate that you care about their welfare and the environment.

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