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Cargomaster Powered Stairclimber Sack Truck

Staircases are a pain in the backside if you are trying to transport anything heavy. It is one manual handling task which will have every Health and Safety officer rolling their eyes and reaching for the red pen.

In Parrs’ experience, stairclimbing products on the market are either safe or productive (and sometimes neither!). But as stairs are going to continue to exist, and people are going to continue to need to move things up and down them, we need to find a solution that keeps Health and Safety happy at the same time as enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Parrs have offered a number of stair climbing solutions over the years, but there has never been a product that we have been truly excited about. A game-changer.

The Cargomaster 120kg capacity stair climber was launched last year, and we think it might change the way we do this tricky task. It is manufactured in Stuttgart and adheres to all the clichés about German engineering. It is functional, simple to operate, and safe.

The weight is 17kg without a battery, so you can lift it on and off vehicles with ease, and the battery can charge in the vehicle between deliveries. It can also behave like a standard hand truck so there is no need for multiple handling products for different drops.

It can go as fast, or slow, as you want it to. This means that productivity is never compromised at the expense of safety, and vice versa.

Those of you who regularly move products will know that the term ‘stairclimber’ only ever describes half the job. The more difficult part is coming down staircases. The Cargomaster is fitted with a unique mechanical break which means it can hold its position on each step before the operator allows the truck to move down. 

A choice of handles means that The Cargomaster can handle almost any load comfortably. And the added features of a battery indicator light and variable speed control are essential functions for any user.

We believe that the Cargomaster 120kg might have just solved an enduring problem. Have a look at the video and let us know what you think?

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