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Buy British

Buy British isn’t an emotional, jingoistic statement, these days its simple common sense.

Parrs is a quintessentially British business. We are a family run company that has kicking been around for 135 years. We buy workplace products from around the world to service our large UK based customer base.

In the past we have followed market infatuations with cheap Chinese products. Indeed, we still bring in product from Far-east economies such as Vietnam. But the truth is our attentions are now focussed on UK manufactured product. Here’s why:

  1. Quality.
    UK design, engineering and innovation is world leading. The quality of raw materials used is universally better than far-eastern product. Returns rates and product failures are negligible when the stuff is made here.
  2. Service.
    UK manufacturers know the requirements of our marketplace and they don’t survive long if they don’t provide an exemplary service. Response times, technical information and problem-solving skills are always exceptional.
  3. Delivery.
    This has become a huge issue for us with imports. Container prices have quadrupled in recent months and lead times have extended as the worldwide supply chain struggles to deal with the economic upheaval of the last 12 months. Meanwhile Brexit has increased the bureaucratic issues of importing European goods.
  4. Price.
    A cheap pound might be great for exporters, but it makes imported goods more expensive. We are finding better value product on our own doorstep than from historically cheap overseas suppliers.
  5. Cashflow.
    When we buy volume from abroad it sits here in our warehouse waiting for orders. UK manufacture means that we have a network of warehouses up and down the Country primed and ready to deliver. So our money is not tied up in stock which means we can invest in offering the service that people expect from Parrs.
  6. Our Planet.
    Isn’t it about time we considered how much energy is used to transport goods around the world? When everything we need is right here we should actively look to reduce the environmental footprint of our purchases.

When we are saying ‘Buy British’, it’s not some xenophobic chant, or even an emotional plea for more British jobs (like that’s a bad thing!). Parrs believes that buying British manufactured goods is a sensible, shrewd strategy to allow us to offer the right product, at the right price on the right delivery to our customers.

Take a look on PARRS website featuring a great range of British Products

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