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Bottle Skips? Bar Bins? Container Trucks?

When I was growing up these blue wheeled containers were called bar trucks, but apparently they are bottle skips. Whatever they are called, these simple leak-proof containers do a very effective job.

I used to work in a pub called The Wagon Wheel. It was in an era when a pub was a pub and its principle function was to save unhappy marriages by keeping the male half of the relationship away from home until his partner had gone to bed.

So the predominantly male patrons of The Wagon Wheel would sit at the bar and resolve world issues amongst themselves with the confidence of a London taxi driver, while consuming industrial quantities of bitter in their favourite handle pint glasses.

We had no need for bar truck or, indeed, bottle skips, as we never opened any bottles. Now, however, we are all a lot trendier and metrosexual males will drink imported bottled lagers and millennials will partake of a craft beer or the latest alcoholic fashion accessory which invariably arrives in a bottle.

So the humble bottle skip is now an essential piece of equipment for a bar, hotel or restaurant. And it is quite possible you might need more than one if your hostelry is in Shoreditch or some other up and coming area I have never been to. That’s why we have introduced price breaks so the more you buy, the more you save.

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