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Aluminium vs. Steel Sack Trucks

The UK has always loved a good, solid, steel truck. We mentally associate the weight of the truck with its ability to carry a heavy load. Steel has benefitted from some wonderfully positive marketing over the years; ‘nerves of steel’, ‘a steely resolve’ and ‘as strong as steel’ are all commonly used phrases.

So, when you want to move something heavy you would naturally choose steel, right? Well not quite. Across Europe and The States, Aluminium has been the material of choice for sack trucks for many years. Its lightweight, durable, and rust-free.

When you are out delivering, the truck you use is often lifted in and out of the back of a vehicle. If it’s steel, you will have a proper workout each time you use the truck.

Aluminium doesn’t rust and therefore the life of an aluminium truck is generally better.

Steel trucks are welded, whereas aluminium tends to be modular. On the face of it, you would think welds are better, but a truck that is bolted together such as our Expresso is more durable and there are no hazards from weak welds. A modular aluminium truck also has the benefit of individual, replaceable parts.

At Parrs, we believe steel has its place, as it’s often less expensive. And if you don’t need to lift the truck off the ground regularly it’s a great option. Particularly if you select our robot-welded Ravendo easy tip truck.

Ravendo Easy Tip

Otherwise, I would try to select an aluminium truck as your first choice.

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