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A definitive guide to looking for the perfect platform trolley

steel trolley from PARRS

Although you may have seen a platform trolley before, if you’re wondering what one is and what it is used for, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you require a platform trolley to move goods from place to place, we’ll explain which platform trolley is best for you and how to use it.

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What is a platform trolley? 

A platform trolley is a piece of equipment designed for moving heavy, bulky items around that would otherwise be too heavy to carry. A platform trolley is designed to be simple and easy to operate, meaning it can be used without training. 

Each trolley should only be used to its weight capacity, so the operator should  know this beforehand. At PARRS, we have a range of carry capacities options including, 100-199 kg, 200-299 kg and 300 kg and over, so you’re guaranteed to find a platform trolley to suit your business needs.  

As a platform trolley is easy to manoeuvre, it has a wider scope of use than other trolleys. Once you are finished using it, the platform trolley can be easily stored away. Limiting workplace hazards is key to a safe work environment, and a platform trolley can help aid this.

Platform trolleys are utilised in many work industries, such as warehouses, construction, and factories. Being incredibly versatile, they can help to remove the stresses of sorting stock and moving it around. 

Folding Platform Trolley from PARRS

Folding Platform Trolley, PARRS

The advantages of using a platform trolley

Regarding platform trolleys, there are many advantages to using one. Firstly, as they come with contoured grips, they won’t slip out of your hands, potentially damaging stock and their corner buffers prevent them from damaging anything they bump into. Secondly, each trolley’s  push bar handle folds away really easily, making for easier storage. Most platform trolleys are fitted with grips that ensure the stock remains exactly where it was placed, preventing it from sliding around or falling off. This also makes the trolley more stable and easier to manoeuvre. 

Finally, the wheels on the platform trolley allow for smooth movement around the workplace. As long as the area is clear of debris or rubbish, your platform trolley should glide smoothly, regardless of weight.

How to operate the trolley safely

There is always a risk when operating machinery, and to be as safe as possible, you should never rush with your trolley or exceed its carrying capacity. 

Some platform trolleys are heavier than others. For example, the Travel-Joy plastic platform trolley weighs 9.2kg and has a carrying capacity of 200kg. In contrast, our  steel platform trolleys come in two variations of carrying capacity: a 150kg trolley that weighs 9.5kg and a 250kg trolley that weighs 16.5 kg. With such a significant weight difference, you should always take care when operating platform trolleys, as any unsuspecting person could be seriously hurt should they be struck.

Ensure you wear the correct safety equipment when operating a platform trolley. When carrying heavy objects to the trolley, wear protective gloves, footwear, and a high-visibility jacket.

Steel Platform Trolley from PAARS

Steel Platform Truck, PARRS

Find the right platform trolley size for your business

At PARRS, we have a huge range of platform trolleys in various sizes, styles and materials, from lighter-weight plastics and aluminium to heavier steel trolleys. .

Keeping your stock safe when loaded  is crucial, so we offer different platform trolleys alongside  the standard single-end trolley, for ease of movement. For example, the double-end style trolley with handles at both ends offers  easier manoeuvrability. 

We also offer trolleys with three sides, the sides removable and perfect for outdoor work where the ground may be considerably less stable. Lastly, we also offer a four-side platform trolley. The easiest way to keep all the items you are carrying in the trolley is with all four sides enclosed. Two sides can be unhinged to make for easy loading and reloading, and the base and shelves are slip resistant and have protective buffering. 

Four-Sided Platform Trolley from PARRS

Four-Sided Platform Trolley, PARRS

Shop for platform trolleys at PARRS

With so many different styles of platform trolleys available, we have the perfect trolley designed to assist you with moving whatever items you need. At PARRS, we did all the hard work bringing all the best platform trolleys to one place, so browse the range today to find your perfect platform trolley.

From our own PARRS platform trolleys to Variofit and many more amazing brands, you won’t need to shop anywhere else. At PARRS, we specialise in more than just platform trolleys, so why not browse our range, including our PPE workwear, to help you to operate your platform trolley safely?

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