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Key Points to consider when buying a Sack Truck…

There are so many sack trucks on the market these days, that making the right choice can be a tricky one.  Here are eight points to consider when selecting your new Sack Truck:-

  1. How often will the Sack Truck be used? Several times a day or just occasionally? A Sack Truck used on a regular basis should be viewed as a long-term investment so a Sack Truck made in the UK or Europe and/or supplied with an extended guarantee tick the box here.  You can afford to spend a little less on a Sack Truck that is only used occasionally.
  2. What is the weight of the goods that are to be transported? Make sure you choose a Sack Truck that can handle the load weight! Loading more weight on the Sack Truck than is advised can not only be dangerous for the user but cause damage or even break the truck.
  3. Which type of foot-iron do you require? It is not true that the largest foot-iron takes the heaviest load.  A large fixed foot-iron allows the user to stack multiple items.  A dual foot-iron accommodates different load sizes and a folding foot-iron allows for easier storage when the truck is not in use.
  4. What sort of surface the sack truck will be used on? Generally, tyre/wheel choices fall into three categories.  1. Solid rubber wheels are great for flat, even ground. They will not puncture but do not offer the flexibility of a pneumatic tyre. 2. Pneumatic tyres are brilliant over rough terrain however they can puncture like a bicycle tyre. 3. Puncture-proof tyres are a premium choice therefore generally more expensive but will not puncture,  they also offer the benefits of both solid and pneumatic tyres.
  5. Do you need guards or no wheel guards? Sack Trucks fitted with wheel guards help keep the load clean and dry when the ground is wet or muddy.
  6. Will the user be required to transport goods up and down stairs or over kerbs? Sack Trucks with a tri-star-wheel configuration (often called a  Stairclimber Truck) are specifically designed for this purpose (again, remember to check the load capacity of the truck before use on stairs).  Sack Trucks fitted with skids are also designed for use over stairs and kerbs. Powered stairclimber trucks enable a user to move heavy goods up and downstairs in a more safe and easy way.

  7. Which type of handle do you require?  Two handles with knuckle guards protect the user’s hands from the load. Loop handles can be used single-handedly and are easier to pull over obstructions. ‘P’ Handles are a variation of the loop handle and also allow the sack truck to be loaded horizontally before being raised to the upright position.
  8. Will the user require the Sack Truck to do several different jobs? Convertible Sack Trucks can be used in multiple positions. 2-in-1 Sack Trucks work in an upright position as well as in a horizontal position (Platform Truck) while a 3-in-1 Sack Truck (fitted with rear-wheel supports) can also be used at a 45° angle. Perfect if you only have the budget or storage space for one truck but need it to do a number of different jobs.

There are many points to take into account when choosing the Sack Truck for the job, we hope this has helped with your decision making.  However, if you need further help or advice, give our Customer Service Team a call on 01527 585777 or get in touch via our live chat feature.

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