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20% off Entrance Matting

As Summer makes way for Autumn, and sunshine and showers are replaced by showers and more showers, and people stop complaining about being too hot and start complaining about being too cold, we at PARRS are starting to turn our attention to the state of people crossing our threshold making important deliveries.

I was told to write a blog about how we should all buy new entrance matting because first impressions count, and to a certain extent I agree; a smart new entrance mat is a sign that your company cares. However my own, purely selfish view, is rather different. I spent too much money last year refurbishing our offices, and while we welcome our friends from courier and delivery companies, we do not welcome the deposits from their boots in our reception area.

So don’t fall out with the delivery driver, who is simply trying to drop off another Amazon box and is completely unaware that the bottom of his shoe carries an additional gift for you from Mrs Miggins’ dog at number 43. Let your new PARRS entrance mat take care of the deposit.

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