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So where are you going on holiday?

This week offices across the country are behaving like hairdressing salons on acid.

‘So where are you going on holiday?’  is a question that has developed a metronomic beat of its own as it is repeated ad nauseam from every workplace Aberdeen to Canterbury.

The younger staff, who are off to Malia again this year, will be looking forward to immersing themselves in the local culture. This will involve comparing bodily fluids with strangers on the pavement outside The Rose and Crown while clutching a bag of chips and a fluorescent cocktail.

The older staff will be off on a well-deserved and relaxing Mediterranean  cruise, where they will spend a couple of weeks complaining about the heat, the food and the foreigners, before returning home to tell us all what a fantastic  time they had.

I might sound bitter, because I am not going away until the end of August. And the Country I am going to, Greece, which might not be there when I arrive. By the time my plane touches down in Kefalonia, it will be the new 17th Provincial state of Germany. Who, in their right mind, goes to Germany on holiday?

So my hearty recommendation to all of our customers is to stay at home, go to work on empty roads and sit at your desk in the knowledge that you won’t be subjected to the over- heated body odours of your colleagues for two weeks. And if you can’t think how to fill your time, go onto the PARRS website and take a look at our amazing range of products.

Happy Holidays!

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