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3 easy steps for filling pesky pot holes…

Pot Holes seem to be a peculiarly British disease. When travelling  in France, driving is a real pleasure; you can take a drink of water without wearing the contents of the bottle, and you can drive in a straight line, comfortable in the knowledge that you will not need to suddenly veer sideways to avoid a  pot hole in the road.

The moment you hit Dover, the roads resemble a lunar landscape, and the journey is a stern test for car and driver alike.

A pothole is a hole in the tarmac of your carpark, road or drive and is caused when a tarmacked area freezes and then thaws. This type of pothole is suitable for ULTRACRETE Permanent Pothole Repair. Now we can’t help with major road repairs, but at least Parrs can do something to make your car park a smooth and hazard-free area. And I don’t think there is an easier product to use than ULTRACRETE Permanent Pot Hole Repair.

People will ask how you repair pot holes, as if it is some sort of mystical art, only to be performed by people wearing hard hats and copious amounts of hi-viz clothing. In fact, it’s so easy even I could do it.

  1. Simply clean out the pot hole, make sure it is dry
  2. Tip out the ready mixed compound into the hole
  3. Flatten down

That’s it!  If you want evidence of how easy it is, watch this video

However, if you want to pretend to your boss that it was a major work of excavation, we are happy to keep your secret for you.

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