Bike Racks, Lockers & Shelters

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    Bike Racks, Lockers & Shelters

    Whether storing your bike at home is becoming an issue or you need to install bike storage facilities for your employees, keeping your bike safe and providing your employees and customers a safe and secure place to keep their valuable cycles with appropriate cycle storage equipment is essential. PARRS understand that everyone has different requirements for bike storage, which will often determine how much you’re willing to spend. That’s why we offer a huge range of bike shelters, racks and lockers to suit every need and budget. So if you need cycle storage solutions for big site developments, additional on-site storage or just for personal use, we guarantee there’ll be a product for you within our online store.

    Bike Racks & Shelters

    If you’re installing cycle parking facilities in the workplace, it’s important to remember a few factors to determine the appropriate storage solution. Your bike shelters or cycle racks should be visible and include appropriate signage so staff can find their way to it easily. It goes without saying that the parking facilities should also be easily accessible and within close proximity of the entrance. Having cycle racks or cycle shelters at the entrance also shows your staff and customers that you have their health in mind. Cycles should be safe and secure and include locking facilities where possible. Security can be improved further by installing additional lighting or CCTV systems. Choosing a cycle shelter will make cycling to work a much more attractive option as cycles will be protected from the weather.

    Looking to invest in your outdoor space and work surroundings? Take a look at our comprehensive range of products for Site Maintenance and Pedestrian Control. If you need more information about our cycle storage solutions, please give us a call on 01527 585777.