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Keeping your bikes safe and secure is vital, especially when its your form of transport. Here at PARRS you'll find a huge range of cycle racks and shelters to suit your application and budget. We have Cycle Racks and Shelters for both small or large work developments, as well as for personal use, so we guarantee you will find the perfect cycle parking products for you.

Discover PARRS full range of Cycle Racks, Cycle Lockers & Bunkers as well as Cycle Shelters online today.

Everything you need to know about Cycle Parking;
A number of principles have been developed to explain best practise in the provision of Cycle Parking. We have included them below to help you develop an understanding of what works and what doesn't!

Cycle Parking should be easy to find and well sign posted. Hiding it away in a corner of an underground car park may mean that staff don't know its there!

Cycle Parking should be easy to get to and preferably 20-30 metres of the final destination. Placing near the front door makes a positive statement to both staff and customers alike.

Safe and Secure
Not only should it be possible to lock the bike and wheel to something immovable those using the cycle parking facility should feel their personal security is not at risk. Additional lighting or CCTV could be added.

Easy to use and maintain
Cycle racks and stands should be able to support all different types of bikes. They must be easy to use if not they might be ignored. Consider the finish; Galvanised will last longer in the elements.

Covered long stay parking at any site will make cycling a much more attractive option. Cycle Shelters and compounds are very strongly recommended for staff parking.

The design of the cycle racks, cycle shelters or cycle compounds should fit in with its surroundings. Different styles and finishes are available. High quality will always make a statement!